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Re: Superman and Batman to join forces with Islamic superheroes

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Oh good! Finally the long-awaited team up with JihadBoy and SuicideGirl!

With their I.R.E. (Improvised Roadside Explosives) Organization they are sure to be an asset to the Dynamic Duo and purge all infidel criminals from the holy lands...and beyond!

Complications arise when JihadBoy and SuicideGirl discover that the Dynamic Duo must be beheaded with a dull butter knife -- as they too are infidels.
This is incredibly racist, but hilarious.
If thousands of Polish jokes proved anything, it's that racism is funny.
"Spider-Man doesn't have fans. He has people who follow him. Like Jesus. Now I have fans! People who adore and worship every little thing I do or say. Like David Koresh. Or The Jonas Brothers."
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