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Re: DS9 Versus: A viewing experient

You're probably right about the seasons up to this point, but B5 season 1 hasn't finished yet and it got stronger towards the end! It's odd how TNG managed to combine some of the very best episodes it ever did (Parallels, Lower Decks, Pre-emptive Strike) with such poor episodes as Interface and Masks. Apart from Necessary Evil I don't think DS9 really came up with anything quite so good (ie basically perfect) this season, but it didn't have any real stinkers either. Plus it gets ambition points for the Circle trilogy and the season finale. Looking back at the first 14 B5 episodes I think the quality was quite good, with Mind War being the best and Infection the worst. However, most of my favourite season 1 episodes are from the latter half of the season. In retrospect Signs and Portents was the beginning of an upward trend.
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