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I think the most reasonable thing anyone can say is that the major countries of the world had, and still have, a long way to go before they lived up to their stated ideals, and that they were themselves guilty of many horrific human rights violations.... But that, at the same time, the evil of the Axis governments was the most extreme, inhumane manifestation of imperialism yet seen. However bad we may have been, we were never that bad, and we shouldn't paint ourselves as such.
Oh I dunno, I'm not sure Mussolini's Italy was quite up to par with, say, Genghis Khan's Mongolian Empire or Caligula's Rome, or Vlad Tepes' Wallachia ... or even Stalinist Russia who was, after all, our ally.

Or were you lumping Fascist Italy in with Nazi Germany and not treating them as separate sovereign nations?
So, just to sum up, ProtoAvatar thinks I'm trying to excuse Hitler and the other Axis governments, and Kestrel thinks I stereotype and don't show sufficient awareness of other horrific human rights abusers.

So, in other words, ProtoAvatar thinks I'm too much of a cultural relativist, Kestrel seems to be arguing that I'm ethnocentric.

You just can't win around here.
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