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Re: DC Comics' Star Tek (1st Series)

I discovered the second series as it was coming out (through a chance encounter with the first issue of "The Trial of James T. Kirk"), and that awakened my nascent Star Trek fandom...

My appreciation for Peter David's writing on that title (and some confusing references to the first series in the letter column) led me to track down his work on the previous run, which (being at the end of that run) had further references to previous adventures, along with a bunch of well-established supporting characters, which meant I "had" to go back even further, until I'd picked up just about every back issue.

I'm with everyone else who admires how well the comics "fit" in between the movies--which is all the more impressive when you consider how they had to adapt on the fly as the movies came out. Because of the relative lack of tie-ins set in this period (and the Okudachron's 2285/2286/2287 dating for ST III-V), I often think of the comics as what "really" happened during this period, since spacing out those movies actually makes sense that way.

I'd love to pick up the DVD-ROM and travel back down memory lane myself (it's easier than cracking open the boxes with the issues themselves, and it would allow me to fill in those last few gaps), but Amazon is not my friend on this one, so I still have to find a willing accomplice with a US shipping address to help me out. :/

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I've never seen the appeal of "Double Blind." I don't find the story particularly interesting. None of the characters "felt" right to me. The story had an awkward tone that was off-putting to me at thirteen. At thirty-six, I look back on the story as an exercise in fanwank. (Seriously, we just had to see Duane's novel characters in the comics? Seriously?)
Although some of that setup strains credulity (in addition to The Big Six, we're supposed to buy that there are also a whole set of other Lieutenant Commanders and Commanders who had previously served on the Enterprise and just followed their shipmates to Excelsior), I can understand how the story happened, given the tie-in environment of the period.

After all, wasn't Duane the bestselling of the Star Trek novelists at the time? In that sense, it's not so different from having PAD write a New Frontier comic book story...

Also, I suppose it helps if you're really into cats.
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