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Re: July Challenge Entry - 'Rain'

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I loved the descripton of England, the paranoia about the rain. Although my faith in the police leads me to hope that they would still be out there, rain or no rain
I guess, I'm a bit more cynical about the police.

trampledamage wrote: View Post
I was a bit confused because when you described it as being Tyler's last day, I thought last day of life rather than last day as a policeman, so I was wondering why he hadn't died, not that I'm complaining, he seems like a good man.
Well, 'last' in this case refers back to 'work day' in the previous sentence. I aimed for the shock effect, I confess.
I, too, think that, essentially, Tyler's a good guy.

trampledamage wrote: View Post
It seems a bit of a pun to say a story called Rain is atmospheric, but it was - it seemed very real to me, with all the rain England gets normally, I can see that another world war could easily cause constant rain, and that it would slowly drive everyone insane!

I too would like to see more of this world.
Now with a theme tune.
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