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Re: Superman and Batman to join forces with Islamic superheroes

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Ethnic heroes already exist (John Stewart, Blade, Storm, Forge, Bishop, Luke Cage, Shang Chi, Misty Knight, et al). You don't need to radically alter existing heroes to suit some PC notion of "representation".
So you don't want "white" heroes interacting with other heroes?? WTF are you saying here?
This is actually a continuation of a debate from another thread, and a bit OT for this one.. Galactus maintains that it is perfectly acceptable to redefine existing characters "to suit modern tastes" by changing things like their race, gender, sexual preference, et al for no other reason than to increase "minority representation" in comics. That is to say, for example: Superman depicted as a black man, or Bruce Wayne as a homosexual, when they have NEVER been so depicted.

I maintain that (for example) if you want a black, lesbian atheist character then you should go create a new character to be one. Don't take the Scarlet Witch and make HER a black lesbian atheist just so there is one represented.
Thanks for the clarification. For the record, unless you're talking about an "Elseworlds" situation, I agree with your stance on the matter.
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