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Re: DC Comics' Star Tek (1st Series)

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And wasn't everything better when we were younger? All I can think of is the kids of "the next generation" recoiling in horror because the earlier Trek wasn't available in 3-D.
Not everything. There are a lot of TV shows and yes, comics that just don't hold up for me. I don't hold the same high regard for Marvel's 18-issue Star Trek run, and I love artists Dave Cockrum and Klaus Janson--just not togther! Janson tends to dominate whomever he's inking, though the Mad M'Gora of issues #4-5 looks just like a Cockrum creation. Anyway, DC's Trek worried me at first, as it did many others, that Trek would yet again receive a sub-par rendering in comics. I was thrilled to be wrong, and Trek was actually the last great comic book of my comic-obsessed youth. And I've already mentioned the nostalgia factor, but if these DC Trek books weren't any good to begin with, I doubt I'd be warmly remembering them today.

I re-read issue #1, the "Wormhole Connection" last night and loved the TWOK references all over again, with Kirk reading A Tale of Two Cities in his quarters with his glasses (though it looks like sunglasses in the comic!) and I always noticed the elegiac feel of the book, as if James Horner's gentle (TSFS version) main title were playing over the proceedings. Perhaps that's just my emotional attachment to those two films, but I was the perfect age (13-14) in 1984-85 to take such things seriously, or at least at face value. That's one of the things that make childhood perceptions so magical, is that we often took things on their own terms if they were done well, or if we believed in the material and the characters enough.
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