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Re: DS9 Versus: A viewing experient

Season 2 Tally

I'm going to do things a little different here, with four categories this time: Solo, Trek Versus, B5 Versus, and Triple-Threat Versus. The first and last categories are obvious, but a Trek Versus is where both Trek shows would be airing the same week, and B5 was not; B5 Versus is where B5 would be airing against only one of the Trek shows. A single point will be tallied to whichever show won for that week. Here are the results.

TNG - 4
DS9 - 4
B5 - 1

Trek Versus
TNG - 3
DS9 - 8

B5 Versus
TNG - 1
DS9 - 1
B5 - 3

Triple-Threat Versus
TNG - 2
DS9 - 4
B5 - 2

Some interesting observations:
-B5 really had its work cut out for it, as it was in competition with Trek for nearly the entire time (tho' it would get the summer to itself). Considering it had to get past its early growing pains, the rookie did surprisingly well against the far-more polished Trek
-in fact, it's really remarkable that, for the most part, B5 managed to beat TNG. The elder Trek only solidly won with Lower Decks and All Good Things, arguably amongst the best shows it had to offer for the season (Thine Own Self could have gone to DS9's Shadowplay instead, such a dull week that was)
-similarly, DS9 managed to give quite the trouncing to TNG; chalk that up to strong bookends to DS9's season

Man, what a bizarre season of TV sci-fi this was. There were some brilliant early highlights from the two fledging shows and a few last moments of excellence from the veteran. But God, were there ever some dismal moments from all three shows as well. Easily the worst from both B5 (understandable for a new show) and TNG (inexcusable, even if you are winding down), and a few dreary moments from DS9 (what are we even about again?).

All said and done, despite the mid-season drag, DS9 managed to have the strongest season here. It came out guns blazing against TNG in the fall and firmly established itself as a show worth keeping an eye on in the spring. For all its early gusto, B5 sort of floundered for a while as it tried to find its legs in the kind of episodes it wanted to do; TNG just seemed content to do a victory lap before the race was even done.


Well, I'm going on a little vacation for a couple weeks now, so there won't be any updates for the start of DS9's S3 until I get back. I guess it'll just be like a real summer television break. Thanks for the continued support and readership of this thread, it's always comforting to know one's efforts aren't in vain.
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