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Re: July Challenge Entry - 'Rain'

I don't think so. It would have to take place after the story ends, since any bad reactions wouldn't happen immediately. So the question whether the rain is really dangerous or not isn't part of the story I wanted to tell.
I think my previous post on the subject wasn't all too clear. That the rain isn't really dangerous is in my mind and maybe a plot point for a later story but it doesn't matter for this story. In this story it only matters that everyone thinks it's dangerous, both as a reason for the police losing hold of the city and as a means to show the Black Lions' fanaticism and the extent of Tyler's rage.

Thanks for the kind words, PSGarak, kes7 and - r -. I'm sorry it didn't quite work out for you, kes7.

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I couldn't help feel it was taking place in a larger universe? One you may introduce us to?
Well, I have a larger story in my head but I'm not sure whether it will ever see the light of day.

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What was the malfunction? The weather?
Well, sort of. There are several malfunctions in the story - the collapse of society as we know it, the malfunction of the police due to the rain and especially Tyler's breakdown.
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