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Re: Superman and Batman to join forces with Islamic superheroes

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Muslem??? Is that on purpose?

Why an "unflinching look"? Would you want an unfliching look at a "combination of superpowers and dangerously radical beleif" if said "beleif" was a radical form of Christianity?
Been done.
Has it? Refresh my memory.
Most recently with Magdalena, whose entire origin turned out to be a lie by the Catholic Church. The old Image stable had loads of "Christian" groups and characters of dubious fidelity to Christian standards.

For a larger list of "Christian" villains, go here:

start with records 601-650 and go from there.

Do you object to John Stewert as Green Lantern or Michael Holt as Mister Terrific? Would a black Superman or a Gay Bruce Wayne be any different than a Brunette "Green Lantern" replacing a Blond "Green Lantern" or a 6 foot "Atom" replacing a 5 foot "Atom'? How about an Alien "Hawkman" replacing a human one?
Not what we're talking about...we're talking about re-engineering EXISTING characters, not replacements with the same name.
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