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Re: Superman and Batman to join forces with Islamic superheroes

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I maintain that (for example) if you want a black, lesbian atheist character then you should go create a new character to be one. Don't take the Scarlet Witch and make HER a black lesbian atheist just so there is one represented.

Something to be said for that approach...and here -- I'll say it (satirically):

Personally, I'm looking forward to AC/DC Comics' The New Adventures of CaptainCarpetMuncher, The Human Flamer and AtheistAvenger. CaptainCarpetMuncher, AbortionGirl and LesbianLad struggle against the tyranny of KonservativeKreep -- whose appearance and demeanor is a strange (?) hybrid of Dick Cheney and Rush Limbaugh! Issue number one details their all-important origin story and first mission as kontroversial krimestoppers and includes a special appearance by President Barack Hussein Obama when he sends them forth on their mission of hope and change -- and to take on KonservativeKreep's brother KonstitutionKreep (who looks strangely like Newt (gasp!) Gingrich!). Rumour has it that if these are successful, AC/DC comics will introduce two new titles based on two new boundary-busting characters -- The Purple Polygamist and BestialityBoy (with his super-dog sidekick, Humperdink).

You know sales for these will be on fire!

Everybody who is anybody will want the latest issues issue to see them do battle with a rogues gallery of controversial arch villains -- Kristi Hannity (and her alter ego Sarah Palin), Morality Maiden (who looks strangely like former Miss California contestant, Carrie Prejean), Ethics Man, Values Vixen (who looks strangely like Sarah Palin and yet ISN'T because she's Kristi Hannitys' alter ego -- duh.) and The Traditional Triad (Or "Triple T"; a deadly trio whose heinous mission is the rigourous preservation of traditional American values wherever they may survive. Alter egos Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage struggle to evade the mainstream media forces and it's superhero leaders The Human Flamer and AtheistAvenger!)!

These are sure to keep online geeks embroiled in heated (flaming?) discussion all over the internet -- and beyond!

In fact, rumours of a MOVIE based on The Adventures of Captain Carpet Muncher, Human Flamer and AtheistAvenger are running rampant! These include casting rumors as well. It is rumored that Rosie McDonald (who is alledgedly pursuing a rapid weight loss plan to be able to fit into the skin-tight leather costume; she wants to get back into Betty Rubble shape!) will play Captain Carpet Muncher although Anne Heche is pulling a Sean Young (when she desparately pursued the role of Cat Woman in Batman Returns!) and has even shown up IN COSTUME at casting sessions.

Human Flamer is alledgedly being played either by David Hyde Pierce or George Takei...outcome TBA.

According to rumour, Brad Pitt (who recently admitted is truly IS an atheist/agnostic!) has the role of AtheistAvenger locked up. When his buddy, Sean Penn found out about the film, he alledgedly demanded that the writers include a new character -- SeditionMan -- and that HE be cast in the role!

Rumours are running rampant! Other casting TBD. The film is rumoured to be released on December 12 2012 and expected to be a cataclysmic hit at the box office.

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