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Re: DC Comics' Star Tek (1st Series)

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I was glad to see that Tom Sutton and Ricardo Villagran stayed on the book for the majority of its existence. Don't know about subsequent volumes

Any favorites from this series? Thoughts? Memories?

Diane Duane's hilarious "Double Blind", #24-25, is an all-time favourite, even if Naraht the horta is given the glowing eyes of a Tholian. Also loved Tony Isabella's "The Trouble with Bearclaw" (#29), where the Enterprise's atypically 23rd century "angry young man" is tamed by an elderly Andorian crewmember, about to retire.

I was thrilled when Len Wein reintroduced Arex and M'Ress to the post-ST IV stories, loved the way Peter David was developing them up to the hiatus, and then devastated when M'Ress had to be redrawn as an antelope woman (from Issue #1 of Series II).

M'Ress (below left, b/w) was redrawn (original art was previewed in "Amazing Heroes" magazine #170, Aug 1989, page 99), and replaced by Lieutenant M'yra (below right, in colour), a reddish hominid woman with antelope horns and a devil's tail, in the first issue of Series II.

Peter David's unfinished Cognocenti/Bernie storyline was completed in a TNG novel, "Strike Zone", in such a way that TNG readers who knew nothing of TOS - or the DC Comic - would know any different, or miss out on anything.
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