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IHMO, the 2387 supernova happened in a parallel timeline. This will remain my opinion until I am dragged off to CBS/Paramount Re-education Camp.
It's my opinion as well.

I've resigned myself to the possibility that subsequent Trek novels will include it, but they don't have to. Not ever. Romulus could endure for a millennium longer in the current state of Treklit. Clearly the bulk of Trek XI exists in a parallel timeline (or, as I also maintain, an entirely separate universe), so there's no reason its "present" couldn't as well.

I mean, if you take Countdown into account, that's what MUST be the case, as it exists in the same universe as ST Online which is obviously incompatible with Treklit anyway.
This is my opinion as well. (For whatever that's worth... ) I'd be just as happy if Treklit ignored the Hobus mega-nova altogether.

It seems to me that there are a couple things in the movie that could be used to show that "Prime" Spock from 2387 is actually from a different timeline/universe than the one we have been following in the shows and literature, if one chose to interpret them that way. (Of course, there are also ways to explain them away so that Prime Spock's universe is the same one we've been following... but that's not my preferred interpretation. )

As Mr. Laser Beam points out, Countdown seems to exist in the STO timeline, so I'm just as happy having ST09's 2387 in that timeline as well... separate from lit. Then lit would be free to pursue its own direction in the late 24th century. It's probably not likely, but a man can dream...

William Leisner, will you be signing copies of Losing the Peace while we're stuck in Re-education Camp??
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