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Re: DC Comics' Star Tek (1st Series)

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My favorite year was the year DC relaunched both series. With the buildup to the Trial of James T. Kirk. Those were good times. Trek comics today just dont excite me like those old ones would. I guess a sign of my age, being 30 now.
Interestingly enough, IDW Publishing (which now holds the rights to print Trek comics from Classic Trek and TNG) last Wednesday released an omnibus as "The Best of Captain Kirk." It was a series written by Peter David that included the trial of my favorite starship captain.

Also this week was the conclusion of the five-part "Mission's End," which showed why Kirk, Spock and McCoy went their separate ways after the five-year mission ended.

And wasn't everything better when we were younger? All I can think of is the kids of "the next generation" recoiling in horror because the earlier Trek wasn't available in 3-D.
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