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Re: Superman and Batman to join forces with Islamic superheroes

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Ok see this is what I was talking about. You don't want "your" heroes changed to reflect the world. I think you said create your own heroes.
And I stand by that. Ethnic heroes already exist (John Stewart, Blade, Storm, Forge, Bishop, Luke Cage, Shang Chi, Misty Knight, et al). You don't need to radically alter existing heroes to suit some PC notion of "representation".

So when someone does create their own heroes to fight along side Superman and Batman you say it smacks of PC. Yeah I don't any problem with you way of thinking at all.
I have no problem with Muslem/Arab heroes. Several already exist in the MU. My initial impression of THIS project was that it was a Captain Planet style polemic "puff piece".

So good sir, what exactly would you like to be done for those of us who want to see stories told from a different POV.
I would like to see an honest and unflinching look at the implications of such characters.

One example of a story involving an Arab ethnic hero that I thought was particularly well told was the confrontation between Sabra and Batal (the Syrian Super Soldier) in New Warriors 58-59.

On the flip side, Heaven's Fist (a terrorist team) appeared in the pages of Stormwatch back in the late 90s. Again, an unflinching look at what a combination of superpowers and dangerously radical beleif is capable of.

Stormwatch, by the way, had all MANNER of ethnic characters in it's ranks, INCLUDING Muslems (Damascus, for example).
Muslem??? Is that on purpose?

Why an "unflinching look"? Would you want an unfliching look at a "combination of superpowers and dangerously radical beleif" if said "beleif" was a radical form of Christianity?
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