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Re: Voyager Nacelles

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Can someone shed any light then on why Voyagers nacelles needed to be motorised?
I understand the concept of when they are up they create a stronger more efficient warp field but that begs the question of why not just have the damn nacelles in the upright position permanently??
What difference did the nacelles being in the down position actually make to sub light speeds?
Even when the position of the nacelles were moved the distance between the down and up positions was minuscule.

Any worthy explanations out there?
According to some things I've read about field mechanics is that two fields that move against each other will generate energy. Bring the nacelles briefly toward each other may be part of the reason why Intrepid is considered smart and effiecient. It may not need as much power to jump to warp in the first place as say the Galaxy or Excelsior Classes. That may also be why Intrepid has the smallest engines to hull size ratio than any other ship.

Speculation of course.
Nah, I just assume that means that the Voyager was neutered...
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