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Re: July Challenge Entry - 'Rain'

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I mentioned the time period in the challenge thread (and the tags here) but maybe I should have mentioned it here, too. This takes place shortly after WWIII and First Contact (as signified by the line about Vulcans helping with rebuilding San Francisco, but that might not have been clear enough).

As for the lengthy period of rain, well, the world is pretty messed up in that time period. But it's supposed to be unusually long.
I got it right away. Great bit that you may want to continue with. No one ever looks at other parts of the world when dealing with post-WWIII. It's always San Francisco or passing references to the war in general. One suggestion-given the title, perhaps develop the threat of the rain a bit more, for while it sits in the background in a menacing manner it never really reaches a tangible threat. Sure, the cop gets wet but that's it. No health problems or weird reactions, y'know? Still a very good job and your writing is virtually seamless.
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