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Re: DC Comics' Star Tek (1st Series)

Nice. I was hoping there would be a place to share my thoughts on the DC Volume 1 series, which I've only just started, and issues are sandwiched between my reading of other comic book series (Star Wars Marvel, Buffy Season 8, and the classic G.I.Joe Marvel reprints). This is made even more interesting given all the other ST comics I'm curious about, on the CD ROM. So, in addition to all of the above series I've been bouncing around, I also ventured into The Early Voyages series, with Captain Pike and company. With all that going on, I've only read through the first story arc with the Klingon hostilities, and the issue that follows right after.

Although my attention is divided a bit these days, and the flagship of my reading schedule is the Marvel Star Wars, the new movie has jump started the old Star Trek frenzy. DC Volume has been the strongest draw for getting a ST fix, since the reading commitment is not as huge as with a novel (considering that I'm starting to do college classes again). There's also the fact that I like the look and the feel of The Wrath of Khan and The Search For Spock, so that comic is my preference for now. I will read one more comic from The Early Voyages, the third issue, before I put that on hold and devote my attention more exclusively to DC V1.

I really got a kick out of the first story arc, and it was nice to finally have a proper introduction to characters I came across in my younger days when the series was coming out. In those days, I was left to puzzle about Konom, and his relationship with Nancy, and had no notion that Ensign Sherwood was a regular player. It's nice to have a context for where Konom and Nancy's story starts. I peaked ahead at the letters responding to the story, and some of the people who wrote in gave the creative team flak for rewording phrases from TWoK, which I kind of did feel were punching the fan boy buttons too obviously. Beside that, and what I perceive as narrative haste at interesting moments, I really got a kick out of how the story changed the status quo of the Federation and the Klingons, and the terms of the Organian Treaty. The story nicely contrasts two alien races tendency to manipulate or interfere in different ways, and satisfyingly tests them against each other. The fifth issue follows up cleverly by tying it's story to the aftermath of the Fed vs. Klingon conflict, and additionally showing a third example of a more advance organization's interference with a less developed civilization. I like that the series unfolds somewhat organically in that sense, and shows a version of ST history as it might have originally happened; with Savaak as Spocks "replacement." Saavak is very much involved in what goes on so far, and that's enjoyable to see.

I've already talked elsewhere about DC V1 as a series where you get a chance to see the original intentions of the creative team behind ST II, III and IV fulfilled as they might have been. I'm particularly looking forward to the issues where Kirk and crew are assigned to the Excelsior in a situation where they are not completely redeemed in the eyes of Starfleet. To a lesser extend, I also look forward to the post-TVH issues, where the new Enterprise doesn't break down right away. My excitement about these eras are what is motivating me to reluctantly put The Early Voyages on hold. Good topic, btw, just what the doctor ordered.
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