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Re: DC Comics' Star Tek (1st Series)

I remember getting into this series with issue 49. TNG had just started up on tv, and i found out about a comic book mini-series based on TNG. It was through the letters page I discovered that there was also a TOS comic. I remember the cover, with Kirk and Konom in spacesuits, in front of a klingon battlecruiser.
I remember getting so mad when DC stopped publishing after issue 56. Thankfully they renewed a year later. I remember being so excited as a kid when those TOS and TNG comics would come out every month. My favorite year was the year DC relaunched both series. With the buildup to the Trial of James T. Kirk. Those were good times.
Trek comics today just dont excite me like those old ones would. I guess a sign of my age, being 30 now.
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