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Unification, Part Two

Plot Summary: No sooner have Picard and Data met Spock on Romulus than the Vulcan demands that they leave at once. However, Picard declares that he has an obligation to the Federation without a full explanation, and moreover discharges his sad duty to inform Spock of his father's death. Spock, who says that Picard reminds him of Sarek, confesses that his secret purpose is to aid in the reunification of the Romulans with the Vulcans. Picard is highly doubtful that the new Proconsul will be as open to this idea as Spock hopes, and sends Data back to the Klingon ship to see if Data can access the Romulan communications network. The Klingons agree to help on the condition that they be allowed to monitor everything Data discovers. Meanwhile, Riker meets with the ex-wife of a smuggler killed when the Enterprise destroyed the unmarked ship at Qualor II; she directs him to the Ferengi arms trader responsible for the thefts at the supply depot, who admits that he delivered the ship to Galorndon Core near the Neutral Zone. Suspecting Romulan involvement, Riker warns Picard that the Romulans may be using stolen Vulcan ships. Spock meets with Proconsul Neral, who offers enthusiastic support for reunification, but after Spock leaves his office, Sela enters and reveals that Neral is using Spock. Though Spock and Picard are both suspicious, neither can prove Romulan duplicity until Data intercepts a message from the Romulans intended for the stolen ship at Galorndon Core. Sela arrives to arrest Picard, Data, and Spock, revealing that Pardek has been working with her all along and explaining that Neral does support reunification - but he believes, as she does, that it should occur via the military conquest of Vulcan. While a hologram of Spock is broadcast on all Federation channels, announcing a great peace initiative, the stolen Vulcan ships will breach Vulcan security and deliver not a peace envoy but a Romulan invasion force. Locked up in Sela's office, Data creates his own holograms, so that when Sela and her guards return, he tricks her into believing that Riker and an away team have beamed down on a rescue mission. Meanwhile, the real Riker has arrived at Galorndon Core with the Enterprise, which follows the stolen Vulcan ships. Spock sends a message warning Starfleet that those ships carry an invasion force. Before the Enterprise can intercede, a Romulan warbird decloaks and destroys the entire invasion fleet rather than allow Starfleet to take prisoners. Having escaped Sela, Picard and Data prepare to beam back to the Enterprise, but Spock refuses to join them - now that he knows there is a real underground movement toward reunification, he believes he must stay and teach them Vulcan logic. Before departing, Picard offers to mind-meld with Spock to share the wisdom and devotion that Sarek showed him.

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