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Re: Star Trek: Tesseract

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Yeay to you for adding Dctr Bashir to the ships complement! I always liked him and found the dislike he generated from fans puzzling. You are getting to be my guilty pleasure at work. Yeay you!!! Thanks for the new installment!
I figured it was a risky move as far as possibly turning a few people off (I also fail to understand the Bashir hate, but I know it's there), but he always wanted to practice frontier medicine, and there's no frontier quite like the DQ. By the time this story takes place, he's 44 and ready for a big assignment like this ... he seemed a pretty natural choice. I kept trying to write it for someone else, but Bashir kept popping back into my mind, and I've got a lot for him to do as the story progresses. Glad that you, at least, do not object!
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