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DC Comics' Star Tek (1st Series)

I always loved this series, which lasted 56 issues. When DC took on the challenge of bringing Trek to the comic book medium, I was relieved that they didn't have the limitations imposed on them as Marvel did (being limited to the first movie) and DC arguably had a superior film with which to work, so right there were two pluses. Part of the book's appeal is a nostalgia factor, but having re-read the first twenty issues recently, I think they're just fun, entertaining stories. However, I can say that when these comics were published, they helped me in those awkward days of middle school and early high school. I found the stories comforting and enjoyed Mike W. Barr's take on the Kirk-Spock-McCoy trio. I liked the references to TWOK and TSFS, as the films were fresh in my mind after having seen them in the theater.

The build up to the book's premiere was interesting, because the Trek lettercol was packed with thoughtful, intelligent readers wishing the book the best and upon the successful debut, congratulating the DC staff on a job well done. Two pages were set aside for letters and I always looked forward to reading them.

Story arcs I remember fondly include the Federation-Klingon war, with the Excaliban arbitration, the introduction of a "meek" Klingon, Konom to the crew of the Enterprise, and especially the return of the "Mirror, Mirror" universe, which I must have re-read countless times back in 1985. Also noteworthy was the two-part origin of Saavik (#7-8). I had so much hope for that character, regardless of who played her onscreen and followed her adventures here with enthusiasm. Walter Koenig even penned a story in issue 19. The solo stories for Scotty and Sulu were also amusing.

I only have those first twenty issues, but I was glad to see that Tom Sutton and Ricardo Villagran stayed on the book for the majority of its existence. Don't know about subsequent volumes, or the TNG comics, but I do have fond memories of that first DC Comics series.

Any favorites from this series? Thoughts? Memories?
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