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Re: Star Trek: The Doomsday Machine - Special Edition Screencaps

I'm not at home right now but IIRC I've scaled the planet killer to be eight kilometers (almost five miles) in length, with a maw (a maw? does it have a paw?*) which can swallow a dozen starships.

I should correct the record though and fess up that I was using some inaccurate shorthand earlier--the Constellation is a hybrid "Where No Man Has Gone Before"/series production-era starship, not a "Cage" starship (never liked those ugly flat nacelle endcaps on the "Cage" model). The hybrid designation comes from my artistic choice to substitute the shorter production-era bridge dome for the (to my eye) misshapen supertall bridge dome from "WNMHGB". Nearly all of the other details from "WNMHGB" are there though:
  • the upper saucer markings
  • the big deflector dish
  • the eight-nozzled impulse engine cluster
  • the spiked warp nacelle domes
  • the "tailpipe" nacelle endcaps
While most of my computer fleet is chugging away on the opening scene of Act II, I'll see what I can do about churning out some orthos of the Constellation in her damaged state. I also have an undamaged version of the model, but it doesn't have the updated textures so beauty shots of that version will have to wait.
* - Bill Shatner must take the credit for this awful pun, which he uttered during the filming of "TDM" 42 years ago.
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