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Re: Are the Cardassians the most interesting Race in the Star Terk Gal

Alas PSGarak you still have over a week to go. I too would be interested to see what you've cooked up Nerys Ghemor.

That's quite an important point made about the nature of Totalitarianism, (although there are always limits to how absolute it can really be) we can never be sure who the 'real' Cardassian is and what is the front persona. By this I mean that a Cardassian would always be very careful about what he/she says or does and would always bury their true feelings. So you can never tell what is true or not for example who Mr Garak actually is. (It's true that ASiT revels a lot about Elim Garak but it comes from the mans own diary for the consumption of one Dr Bashir...)

I think that Damar and one or two others maybe the exception that proves the rule. His rather gruff abrasive manner and his obvious sense of inferiority is the polar opposite of the slickness of Dukat and Garak. Damar truly believes in the Cardassian people and when he realised that he had failed them he turned to drink, it was only with the rebellion that Damar found his strength and leadership. (and like any true patriot he learned to face up to some unpleasant truths about his nation, witness the brilliant scene with Kira in tacking into the wind). However Damar is, in my eyes a rather rare individual in the Cardassian system, most Cardassians are either narcissistic like Dukat or sycophantic like Broca.

On the plus side the Cardassian people must enjoy a dark and sardonic sense of humor...
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