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Re: Superman and Batman to join forces with Islamic superheroes

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1) Thousands of dead Americans tell me that Al-Q and the Taliban are more than "the boogeyman".
327 of the victims of the September 11th attack were non-Americans. Over 60 of the victims were Muslims, both American and otherwise. Al Qaeda's various terrorist actions around the world have killed over 1400 non-Americans, including hundreds of Muslims. Al Qaeda corrupts and violates Muslim principles, which explicitly forbid killing noncombatants, women, and children as well as fellow Muslims. They are traitors to their own professed faith.

Most of the people killed by the Taliban have been Afghanis or Pakistanis from rival factions, or Afghanis who were executed during the Taliban's reign. Again, they are a threat to Muslims, not just to Americans.

2) To ONLY portray Muslem metas as "heroes" is an implicit denial of reality. By most estimates, the extremist wahabbi element of Islam amounts to ~10% of the total Muslem population. By that percentage, at least 10 (9.9) of the "99" should be villains.
That's bigoted bullshit. Even if a fair percentage of rank-and-file Muslims are sympathetic to Wahhabist views, that doesn't mean they actually engage in terrorist acts. They're not "villains." They're ordinary people who have been misled by Wahhabist propaganda into thinking that Wahhabism is their only hope for a better life and that the West is an enemy that needs to be battled. Just as you've been misled by racist propaganda into accepting such a monstrously absurd and idiotic notion that fully ten percent of a population of over a billion people could be actively engaged in terrorism. Good grief, simple arithmetic proves how stupid that notion is. Muslims constitute nearly a fifth of the world's population of 6.9 billion, so 10% of Muslims would be nearly 140 million people. The total number of military personnel in the entire world as of 2000 was less than 20 million. If seven times that many people were actively involved in Islamic militancy, they would've conquered the whole damn planet by now!

Terrorist groups consist of small numbers of people in decentralized cells. Al Qaeda isn't even really a single organization, just a common rallying cry for various independent extremist groups. It's been estimated that their active "membership" is under a thousand people. Even most of the people who've gone through Qaeda training camps don't actually swear allegiance to the cause.

You want villains, look at the government of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi regime has ruthlessly oppressed, disenfranchised, and impoverished its people for decades, and in order to divert the people's rage and frustration away from themselves, they've aggressively backed the Wahhabist movement and encouraged anti-American sentiments, making us into a scapegoat. Al Qaeda would never have amounted to anything without the Saudi government's support, and the Saudi people would never have been angry or poor or desperate enough to turn to extremism without their government's oppression. And this is a government that America treats as an ally because we need their oil.

Don't blame the common people of the Islamic world for the oppression and lies of their leaders. These are people who have been manipulated and misled by a corrupt few into believing that the West is to blame for all their problems (when in fact we're only partly to blame) and that we're trying to conquer and destroy their civilization. They're not villains, they're victims.

Besides, your argument makes no sense. The 99 are meant to be representatives of the ideals of Islamic philosophy. One in 15 Americans have gone to prison, but does that mean that if the Justice League has 30 members, two of them should be villains? Hero teams represent the best of their societies. That's what makes them heroes.
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