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Re: Star Trek: The Doomsday Machine - Special Edition Screencaps

So, I finally got to see this damn clip (computer problems -- hope my new 14z shows up soon.)

And I have to echo Frontline's "wow". Very nicely done. I've commented previously on the asteroids and the shot when Kirk crosses in front of the E's viewscreen (fantastic). But, the rest of your new SFX were really amazing, as well.

My absolute favorite new sequence is the one when we come back from the credits/theme song sequence (would you call it the "title shot"?) The shot of the Constellation is awe inspiring, and when the primary hull of the Enterprise slides into the shot it's just breathtaking. I have to confess I wanted to try to make some wallpaper of that, but the damn credits keep getting in the way.

I also really like that last SFX sequence: the aft view through the Enterprise's nacelles. I really appreciated how you retained the way the DM makes that turn and heads for the E.

Very nicely done.

Please, sir, can I have some mo'?

p.s. -- I do recall that you were using a "Cage" era version of the model for the Constellation, just wasn't sure if you'd tweaked it in terms of relative size or anything. Then again, when I watched the clip I picked up on a little line of Decker's that I'd never noticed before: when he mentions losing 400 crew on the 3rd planet. I guess the C really is a full Connie. As a side note, I also noted that Decker describes the DM as being Miles (plural) long; something I'd never really paid attention to before, that I recall. but, somehow, I have a feeling you did.
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