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Re: International Save Data Campaign ( a web page)

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It was the actors choice that they end Data's life because he said that they had done everything they could with Data and their was no further growth therefore point to do any more stories with Data in them. By the way I think the whole thing with B4 was to show that Doctor Soong's work would not die with Data but live on.
They didn't need to kill him. They just didn't need to use him anymore. I personally refuse to acknowledge Nemesis as canon. Its like the 1960s James Bond Casino Royale or Threshold. TNG ended with All Good Things.
That's your problem. Considering Spiner himself wanted his character to die, I think they went about it just fine. He died saving his captain, his friends aboard the Enterprise and Earth. How is his death any less than Spock's? Frankly much more was on the line with the Scimitar versus Khan. He was going to die anyway. Had the Scimitar escaped it would have cruised right into Federation space and potentially killed many more people before it was stopped.

I actually like how it was done in the novelization and I wish they had done this in the film: if I remember correctly, right as Data points his phaser at the thalaron generator, he allows himself to scan through all of his good, happy memories as he fires. Basically, his life flashed before his eyes.

Such a statement as the OP posted is ridiculous. The actor himself didn't want to continue the role because there was nothing else he could do with Data and he was quite noticeably aging, which Spiner didn't feel did justice to the role. To blame it on Paramount is mundane at best and moronic at worst.
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