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Re: Are the Cardassians the most interesting Race in the Star Terk Gal

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Of course, I'm not entirely sure how far the xenophobia actually spreads. The degree to which people actually buy into that is always doubtful when we're dealing with totalitarianism, because you never know who's acting that way because they believe it, or who's acting that way because they know they'd be shot if they didn't.
That's a good point. Also, with Cardassia occupied by relief workers who are actually doing them some good, they will get the chance to see that not every other alien race was untrustworthy or "out to get them".
Definitely. Firsthand experience will be a great help, I think. I'll have to PM you sometime with something I've worked on, along exactly these lines. It's not ready for release, though, but I think you might like the concept...

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That sounds about right...I would also be concerned about the effect of the war guilt as well, especially because I think there are those who would enjoy taking it out on them. We just have to hope they don't wind up in a Treaty of Versailles-type punitive situation, because that could just set up a future war that they AND the rest of the galaxy do not need.
Also a good point. Those wanting to punish them should think long and hard about long-term consequences of taking such a hard line stance. In a way, a weakened Cardassia is an opportunity to bring them somewhat out of their insular ways and show them that sometimes compromise really does mean win-win. Being too punitive will just breed resentment. Nobody holds a grudge as well as a Cardassian, except perhaps a Klingon, but with the Klingon you see it coming. With the Cardassian you almost never do.
Exactly. And with Cardassians, you'd have to worry about it not just one generation down the line, but several...
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