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Re: Are the Cardassians the most interesting Race in the Star Terk Gal

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I would be positively appalled if the Cardassians were ever to join the Federation. Oil and water, my friends, oil and water. I am also in agreement that it would be an intriguing development if the Cardassians were able to rebuild and gain allies to the point of serving as a foil for the Federation, rather than an all out enemy. However, I would see their taking this stance a difficult sell for the people. Even most of the non-villainous Cardassians indicated a certain degree not only of xenophobia but a feeling of racial superiority. It would be hard for people who genuinely believed themselves to be better than all other races to accept much in the way of help or camaraderie from others, particularly others with whom they have bitterly clashed in the past.
Of course, I'm not entirely sure how far the xenophobia actually spreads. The degree to which people actually buy into that is always doubtful when we're dealing with totalitarianism, because you never know who's acting that way because they believe it, or who's acting that way because they know they'd be shot if they didn't.

War guilt, as someone else mentioned, will now factor heavily into the collective Cardassian psyche. They could not rely much on the help of others primarily because they had spit in the eyes of anyone within spitting distance already and cast themselves in a cruel light by what they did to the Bajoran people and planet and in prior wars and skirmishes. The one thing I can't see them doing that other races are more prone to is whining about how it was unfair or how they are victims. It's just not in their nature. I personally think one of the strengths of Cardassian culture is the insistence on dealing with reality as it is, not on wishful thinking or fantasy.
That sounds about right...I would also be concerned about the effect of the war guilt as well, especially because I think there are those who would enjoy taking it out on them. We just have to hope they don't wind up in a Treaty of Versailles-type punitive situation, because that could just set up a future war that they AND the rest of the galaxy do not need.
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