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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

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Personnel issues are the duties of the first officer. He's supposed to go to the captain if needed. It sounds like from the episode Janeway just found out about the personnel issues because that's when her senior staff decided to tell her.

Unfortunately, it also makes Chakotay look like a putz once again because he should have been the one on top of this instead of having Seven do it.
That's a good point, I hadn't thought about it that way. Chakotay really needs to grow a beard, maybe then he'll become a better XO, like Riker, or MU Spock.

Live Fast and Prosper (**)

I like the idea of this episode, I don't necessarily like the execution. A group of conmen claim to be Voyager, they trick people out of their property, Voyager gets the blame, hilarity ensues. Except hilarity doesn't ensue, they think that hilarity ensues but instead a lot of unfunny things happen. There are few things more painful to watch than a joke that falls flat, at least in this case the writer is oblivious to this so it isn't quite cringe-worthy.

The episode begins with one of my pet peeves; it requires the characters to act insanely stupid in order to get the plot to work at all, in this case Tom and Neelix have to fall for a really obvious con. Once you get past that the episode itself is okay, I just did not find it funny. The worst part had to be the fake Tuvok and how enamoured he became with the Tuvok role, I could not stand how annoying and stupid this character was. The switcheroo with Shmully at the end was fairly clever, I almost fell for it even though I saw the episode before.

The plot was competently handled, I just wish it had been funny.
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