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Re: Superman and Batman to join forces with Islamic superheroes

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I wonder who twisted what arms to get this done...

This is hardly something new. There have been Islamic/Arab characters in comics before.

This just smacks of PC PR.
Doubtful. It's just a product made for people who don't feel the same way you do. There's nothing wrong with that, is there?
There may be, there may NOT be. The timing and the hoopla seem a bit fishy to me. A lot will depend on how it's written I suppose. Will these "good Muslem heroes" be shown cleaning house on Talibans and Al-Qs or will this be a "learning experince" puff job where the "westerners" learn that "everthing they (think) they know about Muslems is wrong"?
Probably a combination of both.

Which is perhaps the right thing.

The most important thing tho' is that comics starring the heroes I like will be read by a larger world audience. I feel a little depressed at seeing all the manga-love (not that there's anything wrong with it) in relation to comics-love at the neighborhood B&N.
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