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Re: Welcome new Voyager fans!

D'oh! I've posted away here thinking that I'd introduced myself a long time ago.

Obviously Mirandafave is the handle and if I'm posting in the Voyager forum it must be cos I liked it. Of all the treks I think it had the coolest premise with the explore strange new worlds angle but also a goal to get home and the overriding arc about that and doing so within the parameters of the Prime Directive et el.

Many good episodes. A fab captain who despite some flip, flopping on the writers' part was still a tough lady and the one to get her crew home.

On top of that, we had some great characters such as the Doctor, Paris the flyboy trying to redeem himself, Torres the angry engineer trying to find a balance between her Klingon and human halves, and of course Seven - showing how far trek had travelled in now having a Borg drone as part of a crew after the events of BoBW.

Anyways, hello all.
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