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You take relativism to previously unseen peaks, Sci.

You clearly haven't been reading enough, then; I am considerably less relativistic than many, many political philosophers and critics who are actually in any way prominent.

Tell me - who was responsible for the start of the second world war?
Depends. Do you count World War II as starting when Japan invaded Manchuria in 1931, or as starting when the Third Reich invaded Poland in 1939?

I would tend to argue that World War II had a mixture of causes. The most important cause was the fact that expansionist, illiberal dictatorships had taken hold in Germany, Italy, and Japan, but one should not ignore the fact that, in Germany, Hitler was able to seize power in part because of the economic depredations of the German populace after World War I, or that Japan itself had become a major world empire in part because of its desire to avoid becoming one of the many oppressed colonies that they saw the Western countries taking. If such a view were to have a summary, I suppose I would say, "World War II was caused by a combination of the rise of conquest-hungry tyrants and by unresolved issues from World War I."

As for World War I.... No, I can't say I view the Allies or the Central Powers as having been the good guys in that fight. World War I basically stemmed from the competition amongst the Western countries to carve up the world into empires, and as such I view the major powers in that war as having all been the aggressors.

Or for the 9 11 terrorist attack?
I do believe that I've always held that Osama bin Ladin and the al Qaeda terrorist network were responsible for 9/11. Does that mean that I think we should ignore the sometimes shameful role the U.S. government has played in the politics of the Muslim world? No, it does not. Does the fact that I acknowledge that the United States has done wrong mean that I think 9/11 was in any way justified? No, it does not. President Obama's speech in Cairo on U.S.-Muslim relations earlier this summer was one that outlined most of the basic views I hold on that issue.

Getting back into the Trekverse, I think I've been very clear throughout this thread not to argue that the political actors are necessarily right or accurate, but simply that they would have certain opinions and would be capable of logically defending them.

Who's right? Who's wrong? Well, there's that old saying that the truth is a three-sided sword.
Democratic socialism is the hope of human freedom.
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