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Re: Just saw the scariest 20 minutes in cinema history.

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When The Exorcist was re-released into theaters, the younger people in the audience laughed at it.
That's because The Exorcist isn't really scary. It's got a great sense of style, but I wasn't scared by it. For that, you'd have to see Alien or the original Halloween.

I'll agree that "torture porn" (a label that is totally wrong, but I won't go there) isn't anything close to 1970s horror, though.
I agree. There where two genuinly creepy moments in "The Exorcist" and it's the two quick flashes of the white face. That shit's creepy, the other stuff is not. I honestly found "Poltergeist" to be a scarier film.
I think that one of the things that plays into whether you find movies like "Excorcist" or "Omen" frightening, is if you believe in the powers depicted in the movie. I find both movies utterly terrifying, but primarily because I believe in the existence of demons, and the potential existence of an "anti-christ" If those things aren't real to you, they really won't frighten you much in a movie.
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