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To drag that out in the public sphere does not actually increase Federation security, though. Foreign states would be observing that kind of campaign rhetoric, and it would register with them. They would take it as a message of hostility and belligerence. To make the, "Let's get ready to kick everyone's ass just in case" notion a central part of your political platform is to, in essence, declare to the galaxy that you are untrustworthy, suspicious of others, and unwilling to trust others, and are therefore an unreliable potential ally.
The ad does not say "Let's get ready to kick everyone's ass just in case". It says, "since no one can know for sure who's right, doesn't it make sense to be as strong as (not stronger than) the bear?"

If the Typhon Pact takes such a statement as a notion that the UFP is "untrustworthy, suspicious of others, and unwilling to trust others, and therefore an unreliable potential ally", rather than simply "a force we can't bully around which me must therefore take seriously", than frankly, it's they who are engaging in fear-culling and warmongering.
How would you react if you saw that in Russian Presidential elections, President Medvedev were running on a platform of, "We don't know if the Americans are going to declare war on us for our oil, but shouldn't we build up our military and our nuclear arsenal enough that we can defeat them?"

If you're like most people, you would take it as an implicit threat to the national security of the United States.

So it is with the Typhon Pact. The Federation needs to present itself as being open to peace and diplomacy, not assuage its inner machismo by making undiplomatic messages of its ability to defeat the galaxy.

Reagan is just lucky that Gorbachev was the guy who came to power in the Soviet Union in '85, leading to the liberalization policies that weakened Soviet unity and promoted the previously-suppressed nationalist sentiments that brought down the USSR.
You still persist in trying to provoke me, Mr. Bond....
You're the one who brought up Reagan, not me.

"Hot-headed", eh? War would have been his fault, then...assuming war broke out.
It would have been the fault of both parties.

A man who pokes a bear cannot claim innocence when the bear tries to eat him.

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As for the Hobus star's least the movie (and the comic) kept the "science" vauge enough to allow any "technobabble" to potentially be used as an explanation....
Very true. Heck, maybe Nero blames Spock and the Federation in part because one of the UFP's Khitomer allies was partly responsible for what happened in some way...?
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