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A Friend of mine over at is looking for it, It's a LCARS shell, But all I could find on Google was some Dead Links for it.

The Search Continues.
A few seconds with Google turned up this page. It's in German, but it's got a couple of download links for Trekmanager 4.0.

(BabelFish "translation" of page)
I am still amazed that computer translators are unable to convert to proper syntax. Some are much worse than this BabelFish.
Oh, no doubt of that last. Ordinarily, I'd have used Google's translator for a quick bash at it, as Google generally returns results which are a little less clunky than BabelFish's but, for some reason this time, it gave me a message saying something like "We're sorry! Google is unable to translate this page." No explanation of why was given, though.
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