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Re: Starship Farragut: The Animated Episodes Questions

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In the third season of TOS many writers seemed to forget the 360 degrees is equivalen to a full circle. I KNOW what the author was probably going for, but I do wish you guys would not try to adhere so closely to the original TAS as there WAS a lot that could have and should have been done better; and I for one would love it if you guys kept the good and discarded the bad.

At least you guys haven't done the 'random background at wierd angles behind the character as he speaks' yet; and I honestly hope you never do.

Also, as someone who;s done and directed voice over, I would hope the VO director does a little more work with the Captain as sometmes he lacks energy and very occassionally sounded more lie he was reading a line then speaking it. VO acting is a bit different then 'regular' acting; but overall, I was impressed with a majority of the cast's work.

(And I hope you don't take any of the above as a 'swipe'; the work that's been done to date has been good, but I think there's always room for improvement if people are willing).

Looking forward to part II.
The author wasn't actually attempting to put a 'mistake' into the production...the references he had and which he believed were 'correct' justified the line. I think in this case since there is documentation to go either way on this I will stay out of it...

As for 'visually' putting in mistakes, I won't do that either (for the most part). The one thing that was apparent from the original Filmation stuff was that people were not working on this in a linear fashion. For example, if someone was working on Kirk in the conference room with a blue wall, someone else might be working on a different angle with a green wall. Since we have a smaller team putting this together (and that it is digital), any 'errors' that pop up can be corrected without wasting 'film'. There are 'little' things I have done to make sure we are consistent within a certain realm. To do this right would mean starting from scratch and having a defined color scheme for not only the characters (which we have), but for the backgrounds (not so much...we reprovision many TAS backgrounds). The 'scope' of this is like finding a cave in 2009 of the original Filmation artists and cels and saying 'let's make a spinoff of Star Trek...similar ship, different crew". With this being the digital age, we have a lot of advanatages, but still want to maintain that same look.

And yeah...we have had a few comments about the voice work. I think my choice of releasing only the first act compounded that issue; since people couldn't really concentrate on the whole story they instead focused on the captain's voice. This is not to say he is doing a fantastic job...he admits there is always room for improvement. I think the standing recommendation and simply 'acting' the lines instead of just reading them will go a long way to improving this. Will it be He is a VP of some government contractor...not a voice actor. But I would expect as the full episode is released and the next one, we will see people looking at this as a whole and finding a bit of 'charm' in it.
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