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Re: DS9 Versus: A viewing experient

Wow, what a relief DS9 won this week.

I was on the edge of my seat waiting for how the voting would turn out.

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I genuinely enjoyed TKO a lot, but it's pretty much the definition of filler,
The episode does receive a fair bit of flak, but I think it's mostly from those who watched S1 after watching S2-4. Folks just aren't used to B5 having filler episodes right after Event Episodes, if at all.

Week 32: (Ending 06.05.94)
DS9 - Tribunal (Airdate 06.05.94)

Hey, what's this? I thought Star Trek was done. Didn't they just have a series finale a couple weeks ago? And where's Picard? They mentioned the Enterprise, but we didn't even see it. Oh well, it was nice seeing O'Brien again. Where did he go after Chain Of Command anyway?

Joking aside, you can tell the writers had a lot of fun with this episode. Oh, maybe not so much the actual plot (most of those scenes were incredibly exposition heavy), but in letting their creativity go wild in fleshing out the Cardassians even more. It must be heaven for TV sci-fi writers to have multiple shows to create whole alien cultures instead of getting stuck with Alien-Of-The-Weeks. (yes, this is foreshadow)

Weekly Winner

DS9 - The Jem'Hadar
DS9 on DVD - Now 99.923% Borg-Free!

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