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Re: Starship Farragut: The Animated Episodes Questions

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I will have to ask the author why he chose that, but if it is indeed a mistake I can certainly have it rerecorded.


I spoke with the writer and it is indeed correct as he understands the 'heading system'. He points out two resources that go into detail of what the numbers mean. Suprisingly, 360 is not a complete circle in the Trek Universe.

Anyway, here are the resources:
Actually, going by that memory alpha entry, there would only be 360 degrees, as they're using 180 as heading for the edge of the galaxy, so if the middle is 0, that's pretty much admitting it's a 360 degree system.

I just ignore the over 360 numbers as boo-boos on the level of Kirk's "one to the tenth power" gaffe.

And I know it's after TOS/TAS, but there's a very clear 360 degree system used in TWOK on the tactical display...

And I have photos of the astrogator from the TOS bridge at it's got 360 degree markings as well.
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