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Re: Just saw the scariest 20 minutes in cinema history.

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^ Two words: torture porn.

When The Exorcist was re-released into theaters, the younger people in the audience laughed at it.

I love classic horror films. The new stuff isn't horror, it's torture porn. It's an attempt to see just how bloody and graphic as they can. Story isn't important, just bring on the severed chests with the heart hanging out, with dogs eating it. That's what passes for horror films these days.


You're absolutely right. I went and saw Rob Zombie's remake of Halloween and was offended. How dare he take a classic such as that and have the nerve to try to update it, while at the same time shedding more on what made Michael Myers a psychopath.

I don't know about everyone else, but the whole reason why Michael was terrifying was because you did not know WHY he murdered - he just did it. To me, that's much more horrifying. I also appreciate Halloween for its lack of bloodshed. The new version has too much of it.

To me, a successful horror movie is all about being psychological, not about how much blood you can spill or how many cheap (or fake) scares you can shell out. A great horror film is one that gets your imagination to torture you. In fact, Carol Kane had said that at the screening of When A Stranger Calls, the audience stood up screaming and yelling at the screen at the scene when the shadowy figure is coming for her from the upstairs bedroom. That is success right there.

To shift the subject a tad; I'm sure this will make you all VERY happy. I read in a magazine recently that MGM is remaking Poltergeist.

Will these brainless retreading of Hollywood classics ever end?
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