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Hi everyone I'm new here. I wanted to share my TOS animations I made at Please check them out they are not the usual silly shorts you get on that site it's a proper story. (Not there aren't some great funny shorts on there too)

I've created 2 series of TOS stories please check them out.

The Starmada series has voices by myself and a friend. Its about superior advanced aliens from a distant galaxy needing help from the Federation. But there's a dark secret which could jeopardise the alliance and cause an intergalactic war. This series hasn't been finished yet but has 9 episodes

Bermans downfall is a story of the universe collapsing in on itself due the repercussions of meddling Star trek producers changing star trek history

I've also created a few one off videos like the battle of wolf 359. Goanimate is such a fun site and the friendliest on the net

Thanks for watching
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