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Just saw the scariest 20 minutes in cinema history.

I watched the ORIGINAL 1979 film, When A Stranger Calls, with Carol Kane. I heard a lot about this movie and always wanted to see it. So, I watched it for the first time the other night.

Horror/Suspense films never leave much of an impact on me. I'm not normally scared by them, but I have to say, this one is an exception. I sat home, alone, the other night and started to watch it. The opening scene of this move was just utterly terrifying.

Carol Kane plays a teenager who is asked to babysit to children - who are never seen as they are in their bedroom fast asleep. Later into the evening, she begins to receive phone calls from, a stranger no less, who is consistently asking her if she has gone upstairs to check on the children. At first she shrugs off the calls, thinking it is some kind of prank, but as the night goes on, the calls become more frequent. Now terrified, she calls the police, but they tell her there is nothing they can do. They tell her if this stalker calls again to keep him on the line so they may trace the call.

Moments later, he calls. She keeps him on the phone for about a minute or two, even asking him what he wants. His response is a simple, "I want your blood..... ALL OVER ME!", which by the way, has to be the creepiest voice I have ever heard. After she hangs up, the police call back and inform her the call is coming from inside the house and warn her to get out immediately. Her reaction is followed by several quickshots of different areas of the house played to a very scary soundtrack.

As she slowly makes her way to the door, she looks up toward the staircase and sees a light come on from the upstairs hallway followed by the shadowy figure of the stalker slowly coming for her.

My description isn't even doing the entire sequence justice, but I'm sure you guys have seen it.

Either way, I found it very chilling and terrifying. This marks the first time I was truly scared watching a movie, I must say.
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