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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Child's Play (***)

You know what would be awesome? To find your long-lost father and learn that he's Romo Lampkin. If I had a choice between staying on Voyager or staying with Romo Lampkin I know what I'd choose! Unless its the Romo from that really stupid gun scene in Sine Qua Non, in which case I'd prefer to take my chances with Janeway.

Oh right, there was an story here somewhere, wasn't there?

The episode was good for the most part, the earlier parts of the story where Icheb learns about his people and eventually decides to stay with them are solid stuff. There was one stand-out scene where Seven and Janeway argue in the ready room, for some reason I really enjoyed that scene and thought it was possibly the best so far this season. Seven learning to let go of Icheb was also well-handled.

The second part of the episode where we learn Icheb's parent's sinister plan has me conflicted. On the one hand it works as an explanation to what happened with the cube he was on, and the idea of parents purposefully engineering their child to be used as a weapon has a lot of potential. I don't think this potential was met, and the realisation that his parents didn't really want him back does hurt the earlier parts of the episode. The scenes of Romo and Icheb reconnecting felt real, but were they?

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