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Re: What Did You Have For Dinner Last Night?

Leftover Farfalle with thinly sliced onions, peeled red and yellow paprika shreds and hacked up whole and peeled tomatoes cooked in olive oil. With a hint of chili and parsley. And still delicious even though I made the original batch the day before.

Yes, that is my idea of a quick pasta dinner.
Aurian wrote: View Post
It is Angry Angels birthday today, so dinner was followed by birthday"coffee" with the family...

Homemade pizza with salami, ham, onions, tomatoes, mozarella and goudacheese..

And for dessert (and I was baking all day):

Raspberry pannacotta pie dressed with fresh strawberries and red chocolate hearts.

Chewy (ooey gooey) collapsed chocolatemuffins, where I filled the centers with whipped cream and topped with a strawberry.

Homemade bounty. (coconutcaramel dipped in chocolate)

What was not served, but I also baked was American sized double chocolate chip muffins, that I have made for AAs parents to take with them on the road back home..
Congrats on the birhtday AA! That sounds delicious. I've never tried Gouda on pizza, is it goud?
Kirby wrote: View Post
We tried out a new BBQ place over by my sister-in-law's house last night. We got there a little late and they were out of ribs and pulled pork, but I had the brisket which was incredible. Also had coleslaw and mac and cheese as sides; the slaw was ok, but the mac and cheese was awesome, and I usually hate mac and cheese.

I am definately going back someday soon to try the ribs.
Gods I miss the US. My arteries do not, but my taste buds....oh yeah baby.
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