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Re: The Typhon Pact

I don't know if this has come up yet, but the Typhon Pact and the Federation's response (and the fearful position of some of its members) might factor in quite well to the plot of the recent film. It might help make Nero's blaming Spock and the Federation for Romulus' loss carry more weight, or give Nero's people more of a reason to be suspicious.

I can easily imagine Nero's crew thinking: "The Romulan Star Empire was dependent on Federation aid, until it joined the Typhon Pact and reclaimed superpower status. The Federation saw this as a threat. A handful of years later, when Romulus was at risk, the Federation, which borders the RSE, was...oops, bit too slow to help evacuate Romulus, terribly sorry. What a shame the RSE is again falling apart and our rival power just lost a major member world. If only we'd gotten there in time..."

Of course, we'll have to see what happened in the mean time first, but as it stands now... Just a thought.
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