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Re: What Did You Have For Dinner Last Night?

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Attempted the famous Whale (1lb fillet of cod) supper. Before my 2 month diet, I'd have devoured it in one. Today, however, I only just managed it. All by myself too.
I had a fish supper too, but steered clear of whale sized portions. Seriously, a pound of cod?

I have eaten real whale before though. Quite nice.
You ever done a Vera Lynn recently? "Whale meat again..."

But yes. A whole pound of cod fillet. As a take-away.

Next time, I plan to do it again, this time in the restaurant itself - and ink my name in its illustrious Whale hall of fame. (If you manage a Whale by yourself, they offer you either free dessert - or another Whale for free.) As this last time it was ordered as a take-away, there was no independent assurance on my part that I could manage the whole thing myself, but I do have eye-witnesses who saw the whole thing.

In fact, today I entered "Ashvale Whale" into Google and found out it's more famous than I first realised. It's developed quite a following.

Tonight, as a change, we had roasted chicken, Bombay potatoes, pilau rice, and a small baguette thing.
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