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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - Dark Realm

X.S. Tech, Part V

“Kano to Telfer. Are you in position?” Henry asked.

“We’re in the garage. Ready as we’ll ever be.” Telfer replied.

“Right.” Henry replied.

“How’s Tal?” Telfer asked, concern brushing his features

“Still no change.” Henry replied as his eyes fell upon Celes. The steady hum of the machinery that was

keeping her alive was the only noise in the room. The footsteps of Bishop could be heard as he walked over to do his checks on Tal.

“Hang in there.” Henry whispered to Tal gently, “Things are going to get rough, but please hang in there.”

“What do you have in the way of security?” Henry asked Bishop.

“We have the XD-7 Security Constructs.” Bishop said.

“Are they active?” Henry asked.

“Security has been alerted, due to the incident in the auditorium.” Bishop replied.

“Good.” Henry said.

“It was kind of you to offer your services.” Bishop said.

“SAR operatives are trained in emergency medicine and triage.” Henry replied, “For treating our crewman it’s the least I could do.”

It was then the light flickered for a few seconds and then went solid again. The klaxon of an intruder alert warning blared loudly.


Emmett Brown opened fire with his long telescopic rifle at a Shadow Heartless that came through the nearest air duct. He worked the lever action and ejected an empty cartridge from the weapon. Telfer fired his own phaser and killed another two more Heartless attacking towards the DeLorean.

A bullet skipped off of the concrete, narrowly missing Telfer. He ducked out of the way as he fired his phaser back at 3-D who had been shooting at him.

More Heartless charged at the room as 3-D barked orders at them like a second rate tyrant. Emmett aimed and fired a shot, missing 3D.

“What was that?” Telfer yelled.

“I missed!” Emmett replied.
“How the hell do you miss!?” Telfer shouted, “That telescopic sight’s as long as the damned rifle.”

“He’s far away!” Emmett said as he ducked a projectile.

“That’s maybe 100 meters.” Telfer shot back as he ducked a flaming projectile.

“NO! NO FIRE! NO FIRE!” 3-D shouted, “You’ll destroy the flux capacitor you idiots!”

“There’s a mild bit of deviation possible for telescopic sights depending upon any number of factors. The grade of the glass. The refraction of rays of light and...” Emmett replied.

“Will you two shut up about missing the shot at 3-D!” Clara remarked, “It just happened that way!”


Several Heartless lay piled up dead near the infirmary entrance way. The security constructs were firing energy weapons at the Heartless as well from array’s built into their hands. Several more Heartless kept running towards the Infirmary.

Henry blasted another one away with his hand phaser. One of the security constructs lay on its back torn apart by the claws of a larger, stronger, Heartless. Henry fired again and killed another Heartless. There was no way in hell he was letting any of these bastards near the Infirmary and Tal.

She still lay motionless on the biobed. For once Henry was grateful for that. He hoped she wasn’t going to wake up and see this massive attack. Another sword wielding Heartless came charging at them and Henry let him have it with a phaser blast.

Two medics came running in carrying a wounded tourist into the infirmary. Bishop went to check on the man. “Severe lacerations across the back, third degree burns on the legs and lower back...commencing treatment.” Bishop said.

“I’ve got you covered!” Henry shouted. Barely. He thought as he let fly with a couple phaser blasts, this time downing a gray creature with a spindly build.

A gunshot narrowly missed Bishop and Henry fired a phaser blast at Skinhead who was leading the attack on the Infirmary.

It was about three seconds later that the sound of a door being ripped of its hinges could be heard and an otherworldly shrieking noise echoed into the building.


The sound of the auditorium doors being ripped of their hinges could be heard. Kenneth Dalby and Tom Paris were confronted by two very large humanoids with massive bellies, and huge arms ripping the door off its hinges.

“Correct me if I’m wrong, Mr. Paris, but those creatures look like their a subspecies of that other alien species you guys found on the Vaadwaur ship, right?” Dalby said.

“Yeah. Why?” Paris replied.

“Good bet they’re not friendly either!” Dalby replied.

Approximately two seconds after Dalby said that he jumped to the floor and took Tom down with him. He felt the whoosh of air moving, rapidly, of the bottom of pincers scraping over his outer shirt. The creature flew out of the auditorium with its raking claws decapitating both large bodied Heartless, sending spurts of jet black blood into the air.

The report of a gun going off could be heard as a slug narrowly missed hitting Paris in the chest. Match fired his gun at the two Starfleet personnel he encountered and both of them let fly with their phasers.

“GAACKK!!!” Dalby shouted as a spindly gray tentacle-like arm curled around his neck.
Paris spun around as he saw the spindly creature with no visible eyes and a massive mouth attacking Dalby. He fired his phaser and the blast sent the creature limp.

“Let’s get out of here.” Dalby said.

“With that monster from the teleporter on the loose Biff and his goons are sure to be distracted.” Paris said, “Let’s link up with Kano at the Infirmary.”

“Paris to Kano, we’re on our way to your position. Be advised there’s something big and nasty on the loose...” Paris began.

“If you’re talking about that huge wanker with wings.” Henry replied, “Then I’ve already seen it.”

Up Next: The group manages to defeat the attack by Biff and Armus. Celes recovers. And Telfer makes more discoveries about the nature of the mysterious foes that have aligned themselves with Armus and Biff.
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