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Re: Superman costume to appear on SMALLVILLE after all

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AHEM!.......Your attention please

Bits of news/spoilers from CC:

-Erica Durance is signed for whopping 18 episodes this season! Finally!
-More talk about most of the actors being signed on through season 10
-I'm sure we all could have guessed this, but Allison Mack will be directing again this year.
-A clips showed a scene of Clark in the future in what might have been a BLACK cape. Lois was fighting in the future, as well.

Toyman is going to return, roulette is going to appear along with some other character not revealed at the panel, tom will direct two episodes. Also jeff loeb would love to write an ep again, and geoff johns is to writ another episode for the show about the JSA. Also no confirmation or denial of the rumor dtv movie.

And the FAKE suit that claims to be the real one

The trailer they showed at Comic-Con showed Clark in the costume and supposedly it has some black in it as well, so that can't be it. I'm sure the trailer will leak out soon enough and we can all see.
maybe that's what's under the coat/cape thing? could also be a prelim. could also be that they decided to just use darker shades of blue and red making it a dark navy blue (to appear blackish) and maroon?
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