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Ah, employment... (Help?)

I just completed my "prospective employees tour" of the local UPS hub, where I'm attempting to become a package handler. The job would be Monday through Friday, 4 PM-ish to 9 PM-ish, constantly moving heavy boxes from one place to another.

My first question is: Does anyone have experience with this sort of position? I'm... not the strongest chica in the world, but I'm certainly willing to try. I suppose I'd just like to know if I'm going to come home totally wiped every single night, with no energy left for school work. Are they going to expect me to be Wonder Woman right from the get-go, or will I be allowed a chance to get into the swing of things/build up my strength as I go?

The main reasons I'm considering this position are the hours and the fact that I wouldn't have to work weekends. I'll be engaged in collegiate goodness from about 8 AM to 2:30 PM every weekday, so the shift is perfect. And having weekends off? Amazing. Incredible.

So here's my other question, and I'd really appreciate any feedback you can offer: What alternative jobs might I consider which would have similar hours? Will anywhere else give me weekends off? Can I request weekends off before I apply somewhere, or will doing so seriously hinder my chances of being employed?
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