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Re: USS Grandeur - One... More... Time!

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...any chance we can see the "geometry behind the screens" just for a reference?
Bussard innards with color tinted material applied:

With spotlight turned on:

With diffusing "lens" restored:

It should be noted that the spotlights include only the bussard innards for illumination and do not cast shadows. Also, the shape of the light pattern from the spotlight is achieved by way of a grayscale light mask map. I could probably do something similar by asymmetrically scaling (squishing) the spotlight gizmo and rotating it a little to get that oblong shape, but it's easier to control with a mask map.

How about trying a gradient light source, with higher intensity being more "yellow" and lower intensity being more "dull red?" ...Anything to make it look more like "swirling, incredibly hot materials" rather than "Red L.E.D.s"... which bug the #@$* out of me...
I'm really not too fond of the swirling gas effect for the bussards. I prefer something that looks more like a set of glowing coils or elements, with some depth behind the diffusers. The fact that they aren't merely point sources helps to avoid the LED/light bulb effect, I think.
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